Immigration Detention & Bonds in Houston

Causes for Immigration Detention

Immigrants to the U.S. must keep excellent, clean criminal and driving records in order to remain in the country. When a nonimmigrant or green card holder commits a serious crime or violates the terms of his or her visa, the immigrant could be investigated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and placed in immigration detention.

Where are the immigration detention centers in Houston?

The detention centers in the Houston area include the Houston Contract Detention Facility, the IAH Secure Adult Detention Facility, and the Joe Corley Detention Facility. Most ICE detainees are illegal immigrants who have been discovered, immigrants who have committed a crime involving moral turpitude and immigrants who have overstayed their visas. In the Houston area, immigrants facing deportation are detained at the Houston Contract Detention Facility (CDF).

Posting Bond for Immigrant Detainees

Are you the family member of someone who has been placed in immigration detention? Hira Law PLLC can help you through the process of posting bond so that your loved one can be released. A bond is a deposit of money that can be paid to have a person released from detention on the agreement that he or she will appear for their court hearing. When the person appears for the hearing, the bond is refunded. If he or she fails to appear, the bond is not returned. The amount of bond is set by ICE and varies from case to case. Bond is set as high as necessary in order to ensure that the detainee cannot afford to skip their hearing.

Mandatory Detention Cases

Some detention cases are not eligible for bond. Most immigrants who commit a crime involving moral turpitude are not granted bond. Such offenses include drug crimes, sex crimes, terrorism, human trafficking, federal crimes, and multiple convictions where the accumulative sentence is five years or more. If you or your loved one is facing mandatory detention, be sure to retain an aggressive and experienced Houston immigration attorney from our firm to defend you from deportation.

Removal Defense in Houston

Hira Law PLLC understands your rights as an immigrant and can take every possible legal action to defend you from removal. We can review your situation thoroughly to determine whether or not you have a case for defense. If you have been wrongfully detained, we can present a strong case in your defense at the time of your hearing in order to prevent a wrongful removal. Our firm can also help you file for a withholding of removal before you are detained in case you need to request asylum.

Contact a Houston Deportation Defense Attorney

Our firm offers a level of compassion and determination that is difficult to find. Attorney Randeep S. Hira handles each case himself and provides the personal attention and experience that you need. Mr. Hira has several years of legal experience and focuses specifically on immigration. He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and is certified in mediation and arbitration by Tulane University. We represent clients in hearings at the Houston Immigration Courtand the Houston SPC Immigration Court. We encourage you to take the first step in your case by contacting us now for a complimentary case evaluation.

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