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Navigating the Labor Certification Process in Houston, TX

U.S. companies and organizations that have extended job offers to foreign nationals must first go through the labor certification process before that individual can be granted a visa. Simply put, labor certification ensures the foreign national will receive a fair wage and ensures that no individuals already in the United States are qualified or willing to apply for the position. Labor certification involves several complex procedures and can quickly become overwhelming for employers. Working with a skilled Houston immigration attorney from Hira Law PLLC can simplify the process. Our firm has extensive experience with immigration law and understands how to handle labor certification matters as quickly and smoothly as possible. Let our firm provide the seasoned legal experience you need.

The Steps Behind Labor Certification

The Department of Labor outlines the following specific actions employers must take when completing the labor certification process:

  • Step One: The U.S. company must submit a prevailing wage request to the Department of Labor. This request explains details about the job, including where the position will be located. The Department of Labor analyzes the provided information and responds with a prevailing wage determination.
  • Step Two: In an effort to prove no one in the U.S. is willing or able to take the job in question, employers must follow recruitment and advertising guidelines for the job.
  • Step Three: The employer can then submit ETA Form 9089 to the Department of Labor. This form details the position, how the employer recruited for it within the U.S., along with information regarding the foreign worker the company hopes to hire.

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